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nooner : road journal
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Date:2004-11-08 09:04

Our website has been updated.
Pictures now!!

also we jumped on the MySpace bandwagon...
so come and make us your friend!

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Date:2004-10-20 15:49
Subject:band name...

Since there is already a band with the name Nooner... we always knew that we would have to change ours...even though we are cooler. Moorey thought of a good one... what do you think of KINCADE?

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Date:2004-09-20 23:21

well, WHAT have WE been up to.

That's a hard question seeing that we are all out and about in our separate worlds.

It may be easier to read our separate journals except when shows are upon the horizon.

but Whit made it safely to Orlando late last week and enjoyed the BSB reunion show.

SM had fun at JLC's show.

And I... well I did the Greenville thing this past weekend ( "partytime excellent" ). I have also been contemplating about a trip to Wilmington ;)

I think a nooner show is in the works for October 2.

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Date:2004-09-09 14:16

our upcoming ep : ON THE COUCH

our new roadie Joe :

and our bodyguard Brent : (here with moorey)

We had a great LABOR DAY WEEKEND...
missed you all at our show if you didn't come.

go see NAPOLEON DYNAMITE if you still haven't.

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Date:2004-09-02 22:57
Subject:on the road.

nooner's last show in charlotte is this weekend... for a good while. garnet is going to school in orlando, as diamond is in greenville. and amethyst is busy workin' in rock vegas. we will be back for the holidays! adventures and pictures of the show comin' soon.

as well as merch! we have our merch manager now...
look for stickers and tshirts!

SM's busy writing, as is WhitJames, for the EP.

We are now taking donations to replace the keyboard... and other instruments. Make those checks out to Nooner. Cash will be taken as well ;)

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Date:2004-08-29 14:52

Where we, nooner, will share our road experiences...or just whatever we feel like. Find out all the news here :D

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